Yasunori Kiba, RN, LAc


yasu-headshot-homeAs a licensed acupuncturist in both California and Japan, Yasu Kiba has worked with athletes for more than 10 years. In Tokyo, he worked for professional men’s basketball teams as a full-time acupuncturist, trainer and massage therapist.

His additional tenure at an acupuncture clinic has provided him the opportunity to learn and apply different techniques for different physical needs of both athletes and non-athletes. His specialties are acute and chronic pain management and sports injuries. He has many years of experience with athletes and active individuals to improve their performance, maintain their conditioning, help them prevent injuries, and return to health and activity after a sports- or work-related injury.

He integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, moxa, cupping, oriental massage and herbal treatment) and Western strategies (exercise therapy, manual therapy and kinesio taping) for optimal effectiveness. Treatments are a unique combination of massage (sports and shiatsu), resistive stretching, kinesio taping, herbal therapy and acupuncture, and are used together to restore range of motion of joints, adjust posture and alignment, ease repetitive muscle strain, and relieve acute and chronic pain.

Yasu also earned a BSN (Bachelor degree of Science in Nursing) from Emory University and obtain RN from state of Georgia and California. He worked as a RN at outpatient clinic to provide physical and preventative health care to underserved population. To study science in nursing, he gained better understanding of western medicine that would help him to pursue holistic health care.

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